About the Reinholds

 The Reinholds, missionaries to Mexico, attended  Baptist Bible College in Springfield, MO where Steve and Heidi graduated with Bachelor degrees in Missions. Steve went on to complete his Masters degree in Biblical Counseling while on staff at Baptist Temple in Springfield, MO.  It was there they believed God was  calling them to the mission field of Mexico. In May 1999, they moved to Edinburgh, TX to learn the Spanish language and in June of 2000, they moved to Mante, Tamaulipas to teach at a Bible Institute. While being indoctrinated into their new language and culture the Reinholds were involved in teaching at the Bible Institute and soul winning and teaching at existing local churches in the area.  After their first year in Mexico they decided they were ready to experience the new adventure of starting a local church. They invited a  national pastor and his family to team up with them in starting this new work in Altamira, Tamaulipas, Mexico. After three years they had their own property and buildings as well as a pastoral home for the national pastor. In 2004, the Reinholds then returned to the states to report back to the churches that support them. One year later, in 2005, they returned to Mexico and helped reorganize a church in Cuautla, Morelos. Upon voting on a national pastor, the Reinholds returned to Cuernavaca to begin the New Life Baptist Church of Acatlipa near Cuernavaca.  Two other works were established in surrounding areas as well. In 2015, the Reinholds moved to Allende, Nuevo Leon near Monterrey. While transitioning they served at another Bible Institute  south of Monterrey.   Afterwards they were invited to help a church establish a solid discipleship program.  They are presently working with a young couple to establish a new church just  south of Monterrey. The Reinholds are also involved in medical missions and marriage and family conferences. We are privileged to be able to represent you on the mission field of Mexico and do appreciate your faithful prayers and financial support.  



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